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Calumet all metal 8X10 camera Schneider G Claron 240mm F9 lens + holder


This all metal camera is the precursor of the the legendary Calumet C1 camera. It is a very versatile and easy to use LF system. This version offers geared rise/fall on the front, as well as a gear tracked focus bed. This allows for very precise control alongside some massive movements, mostly limited by the bellows.

Lots of movement, huge bellows draw, easy to fold and carry with everything you need in the studio or in the field. All metal construction and nylon fabric bellows make this camera not only very solid and rigid, but also extremely durable and reliable.


- Calumet 8X10 all metal field camera
- Schneider G Claron 240mm F9
- One used film holder


- Front/Rear swing, tilt, shift
- Front rise/fall
- Back can easily be set up for vertical or horizontal position
- Spring back bail lever
- Massive bellows draw (35"+), also able to accommodate very short lenses


Camera body shows very minimal signs of use, original factory paint is intact throughout.
Bellows is in GOOD WORKING condition, tested light-tight and has many years of service left in it.
Knobs and levers lock tightly and work as they should.
Plain ground glass is clean and clear.
Spring lock back is tight and bail back lever works perfectly.
Film holder is a modern plastic unit, USED, light-tight, tested.
Lens mounted in a 4X4 lensboard adapter, this camera takes standard 6X6 lens boards.


Schneider G Claron 240mm F9:

In Copal press shutter. The Copal press shutter is a self-cocking shutter. Just fire, no need to cock in advance.
Moderate wide angle of view on 8X10 (similar to 40mm on 35mm format cameras).
Glass is generally clean, shutter fires nicely on all speeds. Some "Schneideritis" that does not affect image quality.
Aperture scale is hand marked and accurate.

Ask us about combining this purchase with any of our Large Format lenses or film holders.