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Horseman 4X5 monorail camera with Schneider 150m F5.6 lens + holders *READ*


Nice 4X5 monorail kit with a defect - please see detailed photos:

The front standard base tilt feature was damaged and disabled. The front still has the yaw free tilt at the center of the standard, which works just fine.

One of the knobs is slightly cracked, but still usable.

No returns based on this defect will be accepted.


- Horseman 45L camera
- Schneider Symmar 150mm F5.6
- 2 used, modern film holders

Camera features and condition:

- Fully articulated camera design
- Separate rise/tilt locks
- Fresnel lens
- Bellows tested light-tight
- Lens glass is clean, shutter fires nicely on all speeds, excellent all around normal angle of view lens for 4X5