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Papersafe 1 Year Subscription


$70 USA / $100 International - prices include shipping

Papersafe is a CatLABS publication that is dedicated to analog photography. Each issue covers a single subject through photographs and thoughtful, relevant texts.

Papersafe is released two times a year: in the spring and in the fall. Each issue is produced in a limited edition of 100 copies or less, and usually sells out within 2-6 months. The format of the magazine will change from issue to issue but will always include the work of at least 10 photographers and writers from around the world, and a postcard print. Past issues have included a box set of 5 books, a 2-in-1 issue, and a hand-bound issue.

As a subscriber you will be reserving your copy ahead of time and supporting the magazine’s future issues and projects.

PLEASE NOTE: You have the option of starting your subscription with the current issue (if it's not sold out) or the following one. Make the selection in the drop-down menu above.