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  • Image of Papersafe Issue #08: Close Distance
  • Image of Papersafe Issue #08: Close Distance
  • Image of Papersafe Issue #08: Close Distance
  • Image of Papersafe Issue #08: Close Distance

Papersafe Issue #08: Close Distance

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Papersafe Issue #08: Close Distance
March 2017
Created in collaboration with Paolo Morales

5.5"x8.5", 150 pages, full color digital offset printing on 80# and 100# uncoated stock, plastic coil bound, comes with a 5"x7" postcard print with image by Sophie Barbasch. Printed and bound in New Hampshire. Edition of 75.

Photographs and writing by:
Sophie Barbasch
Jesse Chan
Sebastian Collett
Tenzing Dakpa
Vivian Fu
Rachel Jump
Lilly McElroy
Claudio Nolasco
Hannah Price
Steven B. Smith
Ka-Man Tse
Jo Ann Walters
Matt Williams

Edited by past Papersafe contributor Paolo Morales, this issue is our largest yet at 150 pages. Paolo approached us a year ago with the idea of editing an issue around the idea of what intimacy looks like in photographs. It's a simple idea, however, Paolo's selection of photographs and photographers goes beyond the obvious, and examines the idea of intimacy in ways which we were not expecting. He has curated a body of photographs in this issue that allows us to view and understand intimacy on myriad levels from a range of perspectives: from Ka-Man Tse photographing the LGBTQ community in Hong Kong, to Hannah Price's photographs of the men who catcalled her on the streets of Philadelphia, to Vivian Fu's diaristic images of intimate moments with her partner.

From Paolo:
One of the things that prompt me to take pictures is to understand what intimacy looks and feels like in photographs. The work in this issue doesn’t make me feel any closer to an answer, but an answer isn’t the point. These pictures made by friends, former teachers, and people whom I’ve never met but whose work I just admire, make me feel like the problems I grapple with as a photographer are not distinct or peculiar. In other words, looking at these pictures remind me of the joys of learning, discovery, and revelation in the act of seeing.