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Papersafe Issue #09: Other Eden


Papersafe Issue #09: Other Eden
October 2017
Created in collaboration with Vivian Ewing

8.5"x11", 100 pages, full-color digital offset printing on 80# and 100# stock, perfect bound, with slipcover. Printed and bound in New Hampshire. Edition of 75.

Photographs and writing by:
Jamie Campbell
Nancy Floyd
Jackie Furtado
Thilde Jensen
Jason Koxvold
Stefano Marchionini
Izabella Provan
Laura Beth Reese
D. Sloan
S.B. Walker
Sara J. Winston

Past contributor Vivian Ewing approached us earlier this year wanting to curate an issue. We discussed a few of her ideas, and finally settled on the theme of "Other Eden." The theme was designed to consider how people create ideal worlds and spaces when the outside world looks grim. This idea was partly sparked by the 2017 US presidential election, but the issue's theme and inspiration are not limited to those recent events alone. In fact, this idea goes back much further and is tied to the systemic oppression of many people, from all over the world, throughout history. In other words: this is nothing new.

The issue brings together the work of twelve photographers and writers to examine the idea of this other Eden, and what it might look or feel like, from the point of view of the person living in it or creating it. 

Vivian writes:
Throughout human history, people have moved inside themselves to create spaces that have the beauty, safety or freedom that the outside world lacks. Many artists and writers create new landscapes in which to live and those who face the most hardships sometimes offer the most exciting alternatives. These visions of paradise come in endless forms: from fantastical gardens, to particular faces, to cities and towns that feel somehow familiar. The result is often achingly beautiful; within the ache is a reminder of why it was needed.