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Stenopeika 8X10 SE II field camera (810se2) [Special Order]


Special order, 2-3 week lead time.

The Stenopeika is hand made in Italy and is an amazing, modern, heavy duty field camera design. Hand made and precision built, this is an excellent option for someone looking for a BRAND NEW camera. This camera features excellent movements, extremely rigid and solid construction, fine materials and easy operation.

**This camera is brand new.**

Ask us about adding a 4X5 reducing back to this kit.

MANY LENS OPTIONS IN STOCK. Pre order your camera with any lens today.

Camera features:

Front shift, swing, tilt (on and off axis) and rise/fall.

Rear tilt and swing.

All movements feature locking center set spring pins.

Max bellows 25+ inches (Min 3 inches or less).

The back can easily be set up for vertical or horizontal positions.

Gridded ground glass is bright and easy to use.

Holders are used and tested LIGHT-TIGHT.

Camera takes standard Sinar/Horseman lens boards.