HiFi Analog Sound

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Welcome to 1986. This kit features distinct clean and crisp 80's style sounds and looks. The fully featured JVC X-R300 receiver outputs a hefty 55 watt RMS (per channel) and sports a digital display and computer controlled radio tuning, as well as a built in adjustable EQ. Computer controlled touch button source selector and audio controls. The Bose 2.2 Series II bookshelf speakers play along nicely with the balanced sound of the JVC amplifier. The modest Audio Technica AT-LP60 punches well above its weight limit and offers superb sound quality with fully automatic controls and a small footprint (one of the smallest turntables out there). It has a built in preamp which means it can be used with any amp, not only those with a dedicated phono stage.

This set includes:
  • JVC R-X 300 Receiver with Phono Stage (55W RMS) and superb FM tuner
  • Audio Technica AT-LP60 with full auto control (optional manual control/override)
  • Bose 2.2 Series II bookshelf speakers
  • 9ft hifi speaker cable
  • Receiver is fully serviced, adjusted where needed and fully tested
  • 90 day warranty
This is a classic 80's sounding set with crisp, clean sound

$375 with free delivery in the Boston Metro area, or pickup in Roslindale