Abdi 35/120 or 4x5 Film Carrier for Digitalization (DSLR film scanning)



The FC-35/120 from Abdi is the last film carrier you'll need for digitizing your 35mm and 120 film as large as 6x9

The versatile design of the FC-35/120 is what makes it so great. With strong neodymium magnets located in the film gate and film guide, its never been easier to switch between scanning 35mm and 120. Always ensuring the exact spacing needed for holding your film, as well as keeping the film flat to ensure an even focal plane for sharp scans every single time.

Just like the FC-35/120, the FC-45 film slots are CNC machined from a solid block of aluminum, and anodized to give the FC-45 a hard protective coating. While the film gates are made from a soft non abrasive plastic that will ensure your film never gets scratched when using the FC-45.


• Scan film with a digital camera or phone camera

• The FC-35/120 uses interchangeable film gates for both 35mm and 120 formats (choose from dropdown menu)

• The FC-45 film carrier is for scanning 4x5 large format film (choose from dropdown menu)

• Pull film through to advance the frame (FC-35/120 only)

• Easy magnetic assembly

About the CatLABS Prototype LED light table:
11X11" even illumination area for scanning up to 8X10 negatives
LED cold light source
Plug and play, no switch (unless ordered with the optional dimmer switch)
Adjustable color temperature for best results with your camera/device/negative