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Docter-Wetzlar Apo-Germinar 750mm F14.5 and 1000mm F19.5 Lenses in Copal #3 Shutters


- Demo items

- 1000mm lens is the very first production unit, with SN #1001

- Probably the rarest of the modern ULF lenses

- Only a handful of these were ever made before Docter closed their doors

- Lots of online info about how these came to be

- The only other comparable lenses to this are Schneider's XXL Fine Art series, which are equally rare

- It appears these were never used, though may have been handled and/or mounted

- Clean glass on both lenses

- No fungus, haze, scratches or other major issues to note

- 750mm lens shows no signs of use

- 1000mm has one small mark on outer barrel, most likely from store handling

- Shutters tested and working as they should

- Original factory blister cases included

- Includes retaining rings and all original caps

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