Jobo ATL2 Fully automatic programmable film processor


The Jobo ATL2 is a full size, fully automatic, fully programmable film and print processor.
Includes bottle area cover and chemical reclamation setup

This machine is cable of processing up to 12 rolls of 35mm/120 roll films, 10 sheets of 4X5, 6 sheets of 5X7 and 5 sheets of 8X10 at a time.
Fully compatible with all photographic processes: C-41, E6 (3 and 6 bath), RA-4 and all BW process types.

Fully automatic cleaning and chemistry reclamation.

Backed by a 6 month warranty.

Shipped by freight (pallet) to any address in the US or the world (residential delivery possible at no extra cost).

Local pickup welcomed!
FREE Delivery within 50 miles of Boston!