Bausch and Lomb Protar VII 10 13/16" (270mm) F6.3 Convertible Lens in Ilex #5 Shutter


- Classic Protar series VII lens

- Multi-convertible, currently comprising of two 18 7/8" cells (combined, this makes a 10 13/16" [270mm] lens)

- Front and rear groups alone will provide different focal lengths, and other cells of this generation may be combined (no other cells other than those photographed are included)

- Factory-engraved aperture markings for each focal length

- Covers 8X10 at infinity, and much more with the single front or rear cells

- Generally clean glass

- Glass shows some minor dust and coating/surface marks (will not affect image-quality)

- Factory-mounted in Ilex #5 shutter

- Shutter is in good working condition and fires nicely on all speeds

- Includes a mounting flange

- Lens board pictured is not included

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