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Bausch and Lomb Protar VII convertible 10 13/16" (270mm) F6.3 in Ilex #5 shutter


Classic Protar series VII lens in Ilex #5 shutter.

Multi-convertible, currently comprising of two 18 7/8" cells. Combined, this makes a 10 13/16" (270mm) lens. Front and rear groups alone will provide different focal lengths, and other cells of this generation may be combined, (no other cells other than those photographed are included).

Factory mounted in Ilex shutter with factory-engraved aperture markings for each focal length.

Covers 8X10 at infinity, and much more with the single front or rear cells.

Glass is generally clean, but does have some minor dust/coating marks/surface marks. None of this will affect image quality.

Shutter fires on all speeds.

Includes mounting flange.

Lens board not included.