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Bausch and Lomb-Zeiss Protar Series V 141mm F18 EX. W.A. Lens (covers 8X10)


Protar V lenses offer a massive 110° angle of coverage (at smaller stops), which makes this 141mm lens capable of covering 400mm. This means that it covers 8X10, with room for movements.

This lens is tiny- it is about 1.5" in diameter, and about 1" tall. It weighs 3.2 oz.

Ron Wisner had this to say about this lens:

"This has long been one of my favorite lenses for 8X10. Many of my portfolio images have been taken with one of these lenses. I do not like to mount these in shutters, but rather, use the original barrel and a lens cap. You get the most coverage this way, and they are tiny to carry, weighing only a few ounces."