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C 600mm F11.5 Lens in Copal #3 Shutter (Fuji Fujinon design)


Brand new production by the independent optics manufacturer, Kang Rinpoche.

Based on the legendary Fuji 600mm C F11.5 lens design, this brand new product uses the latest in lens making technology to improve what was already one of the best lenses ever made. Utilizing capabilities not available at the time that the original Fuji lens was made, this new production is superior/outperforms the Fuji lens in every respect.

Massive coverage, packed into a compact and light lens (covers 20X24 when stopped down).

Lens and shutter are both brand new (box and seal included).

Factory mounted lens and aperture scale.

Includes original caps and mounting ring.

We have lens boards for most cameras in stock, just ask.