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Burke & James Flatbed 8X10 Camera with Fuji 250mm F6.7 Lens + Holder


This Burke & James camera was made in Chicago IL, USA in the 60's and 70's. It is a combination of a wooden camera and a high-grade aluminum hardware, flatbed camera. The aluminum parts on this camera are said to last a lifetime. This camera has seen some use and some tarnish, but all metal fittings are in good working condition and will polish up beautifully (if someone ever wanted to). Some users remove the gun-metal grey paint to reveal and refinish the beautiful, American, white walnut wood underneath. Both the sliding tripod base and the extension bed are included, making this a 100% complete 8X10 set up. This camera has fully articulated movements and features, on both front and rear standards.


- Rise
- Fall
- Tilt
- Swing
- Shift
- Max bellows draw: 30 inches


Camera is used and shows scuffs and marks throughout (no major issues to report, just signs of normal/regular use).
Original red bellows shows use but is flexible, light-tight tested and easily extends to max draw.
All knobs lock are present and lock down tightly as they should.
Back easily mounted in vertical or horizontal positions.
Original, gridded ground glass is generally clean and shows minor marks on matte side.
Wooden film holder is tested light-tight.

Fuji W 250mm F6.7:

The 250mm focal length is a moderately wide-angle of view on 8X10 (similar to a 40mm lens on 35mm format cameras).
Classic lens with coated glass.
Lens is sharp and preforms nicely in all conditions, despite minor cosmetic issues (**front filter rim dented, see photos).
Lens covers 8X10, with room for movements.
Shutter fires nicely on all speeds.
Lens is mounted on a nice 6X6 to 4X4 adapter board.

Ask us about combining this purchase with any of our other large format lenses or film holders.