Cambo Legend all geared 8X10 monorail camera #9149


Superb Cambo studio/monorail 8X10 camera with mostly geared movements and a fully articulating body.


Cambo Legend 8X10 camera

Camera Features:

• All metal/composite material construction
• Massive bellows draw (30"+)
• Modular rail
• Front/rear movements include tilt, swing, geared rise/fall, geared shift
• Fine geared focus
• Back can easily be mounted in vertical or horizontal positions
• Bail back lever for easy loading/unloading of holders
• Heavy duty tripod rail clamp/mount
• Original gridded cambo ground glass

Camera Condition:

This camera is used and in good working condition
Recently fully serviced
All levers, knobs and locks are present and work as they should
All tensions, friction and damping work as they should
Bellows are tested, light tight
Ground glass is clean and clear