Canon Sure Shot Supreme 35mm camera with 38mm F2.8 lens

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Generic photos - multiple units in stock
Each camera includes case, strap and fresh battery
• All cameras have had the shutter button terminal contacts cleaned and or re- coated where needed and work flawlessly
• Superb, realiable alternative to the costly and breakdown prone Olympus MJU
• One of the best lenses ever put in a 35mm compact
• Exceedingly sharp lens, clever AF and AE systems make every shot with this
camera a winner
• Built in micro tripod for self shooting
• Built-in flash
• Fully tested (transport, flash, rewind, shutter) and in good working condition, fresh
battery installed
• Cosmetically, this camera shows normal signs of use
• Clean glass
• No fungus, haze, scratches or other major issues to note