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CatLABS Swordfish Manual Control Polaroid Pack Film Camera with 127mm Lens


***Special order item***

Swordfish cameras are built on order. 5 week lead time.

This is a one of a kind, custom built camera. Full manual conversion of a folding Polaroid land pack film camera, created by the Polaroid team at CatLABS.

This camera started out as a high-end, Polaroid 360, all metal body camera. Equipped with a Zeiss Ikon rangefinder/view finder unit, a super cool ergonomic grip and a tripod socket. All electronics have been removed from this camera and it is now fully manual and ready to go.

Folding Zeiss Ikon rangefinder/view finder
Fully tested with film - this camera makes AMAZING pictures with amazing sharpness and color rendition.
Film tested, 100% functional.
Bellows is in good, light-tight condition.
Use the shutter release lever on the shutter, or use your favorite cable release.
Rollers are clean.
Use this camera with the readily available FP100c (color) instant peel apart film from Fuji, or use some vintage expired polaroid film.
Electronic timer has been disabled.
Original leather strap in good shape.
This camera features a super sharp Mamiya P 127mm F4.7 lens, in a Press shutter.
Rangefinder has been adjusted to accommodate for the 127mm lens and is spot on, even at portrait distances. For best results at farther focusing distances, shooting at F8 or higher is recommended. When shooting landscapes at infinity, use the distance scale on the focus rack (or simply slide all the way in).

Get all the benefits of a full manual control field camera, coupled with compactness and the ease of using a light-weight folding land pack film camera. Additionally, one of the sharpest lenses and best rangefinder/view finder units available!