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Century-Universal, Folmer & Schwing 8X10 Camera with Kodak Commercial Ektar 12" Lens


The 8X10 Century-Universal, Folmer & Schwing (Graflex), made by Eastman Kodak. This camera was originally designed in 1919, and was sold alongside the Kodak 2D in the 30's. It was an innovative, self-casing design, offering many of the features found on modern field cameras today.

After giving up his older Kodak 2D, Edward Weston had this to say about this camera: "I have already ordered a new camera, the finest made, a Century-Universal, Folmer-Schwing. I think I have earned it."

Camera features and condition:

- Front movements: rise/fall/swing/shift
- Rear movements: axis tilt, swing
- Takes standard 6X6 lens boards
- Very large bellows draw (31+ inches)
- Lightweight camera-weighs under 10 LBS
- Lens can be stored inside the closed camera (mounted reversed)
- Camera shows nice patina and marks of close to 100 years of use
- Camera is intact and fully functional, complete and working as it should
- Bellows tested light-tight, appears to have been previously patched in one place

Kodak Commercial Ektar 305mm F6.3:

- Classic, "normal" angle of view lens on 8X10
- Glass is coated and clean of fungus, haze and scratches
- Shutter fires nicely on all speeds

Ask us about combining this purchase with any of our other large format lenses or film holders.