CatLABS CL81: an 8X10 Sheet Film Processing Reel

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• Brand new

• A simple, easy to use, low-cost alternative for processing 8X10 sheet film in a Jobo MultiTank 5 (up to 3 sheets at a time)

• Daylight processing (load in the dark and process in full light, so that you can see what you are doing)

• Rotate on any flat surface, or use a manual or motorized roller base

• Create your own process, control time, temperature and agitation

• Process 8X10 sheets of film on any Jobo processor, even the CPE2 and ATL1000/1500

• Designed with smaller processors in mind, the MultiTank 5 is the largest tank compatible with the Jobo ATL1000/1500 (that being said, a fully loaded CL81 does not exceed the capacity limit of the CPE2)

• Ships disassembled (assembly is very simple and does not require any special tools or glue, just your hands)

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