Colenta: D&D RoboLine 9T Universal - C41, B/W & E6


Lead time of 4-6 months

As a result of the increased use of analogue cameras and film, by both amateur and professional photographers and the resulting increase in the amount of film being required to process daily, Colenta saw the opportunity to design a new film processing system using our robotic technology that allows it to be used to develop C41, B/W and even E6 film - providing a flexible, compact and cost effective universal film processor:
COLENTA D&D RoboLine 9Tank Universal.

The concept of the D&D RoboLine 9T Universal Film processor system is to allow a customer to freely organise his film processing demands for C41, B/W andE6.

This New Generation of Colenta’s Photo Film Processor range incorporates all the skills, experience and knowledge of Colenta’s 50+ years in designing and manufacturing developing systems for photosensitive emulsions.

The unit supports a 9 Tank design - 7 chemical tanks & 2 Wash tanks:

• in operation mode 1A = the 6 Tanks are used to process C41
• in operation mode 1B = the 4 Tanks are used to process B/W
• in operation mode 2 = the 9 Tanks are used to process E6
(C41 - B/W chemicals are to be removed and replaced by E6)

All the required different processing parameters for C41, B/W and E6 are factory pre-set and of course programmable from the operator via a 24“ monitor subject to the chemicals and film in use.

for each individual tank, the software allows to program:
• a specific temperature
• a specific timing
• a specific replenishment rate

A totally open and flexible architecture - providing photo lab’s with total flexibility to cover their film processing demands.

Processing applications: C41, B/W and E6 film in roll & sheet format
Film transport via hanger: for 35mm and 120/220 film or sheet format 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10

Capacity E6 @ 6 min Dev Time : 6 hanger assemblies per hour

Capacity C41 @ 3 min 15s Dev Time : 8 hanger assemblies per hour

Capacity B/W @ 4 min Dev Time : 7 hanger assemblies per hour

The Wet-Section includes 9 Tanks (7 chemical tanks and 2 wash tanks) - each tank has a volume of 23L. All tanks are safely positioned within a metal frame. All required components, such as pumps, heaters, solenoids and filters are easy accessible for service or maintenance.

Required chemicals & processing sequence as seen in photo

Certainly other operation modes can be considered (for example C41 RA), or different developers for B/W applications. The tanks are to be filled with the required chemicals and the required processing parameters and the processing sequence can be easily programmed. Subject to the demand, internal lab organisation as well as to other already existing processing equipment, the Colenta D&D Robo Line 9T Universal unit can be integrated in any existing photo lab infrastructure - flexible & versatile!

Within the wet-section, all components to ensure stable chemical conditions (which is the base for stable & clean film processing results) are positioned:

7 tanks for process chemicals including:

• circulation, heating and cooling*
• temperature probe
• auto replenishment
• air / nitrogen agitation
• filtration
• automatic covers
• overflow & drain
• low level switches for all tanks

* Stable processing temperatures are essential for film processing!

2 wash tanks supporting:

• circulation
• fresh water supply (when film in tank)
• overflow & drain
• low & high level monitoring

A modern and state of theArt X/Z robotic system is in use to ensure precise, reliable and smooth film hanger transport following the processing sequence, bringing the film hanger assembly from the loading section into each of the chemical / wash tanks and dryer.
The motion control of the robotic system is totally under the control of the main computer of the processor - all movements are constantly monitored.

Film hanger assemblies are in use to hold the film(s) - safely and easy, the operator attaches the films accordingly. Hanger assemblies are available for roll film and sheet film formats.
Once the films are positioned onto the hangers, the robotic system then systematically transfers them through a programmed sequence of development stages to produce consistent high quality developed image production with the minimum of operator involvement.

A modern, easy to use, self explaining graphic user interface (GUI) is the basis of the user interface. A 24” monitor is in place to allow the operator to program and monitor all functions of the processor. Behind the display, a computer is doing all the controlling and calculations of the total system - the user has the option to use the display:
• to monitor the process
• to set and to define operation modes
• to set processing parameters such as processing timings & temperatures and
replenishment rates
• to check alarm messages
• to check the motion control of the X/Z robotic system

After the development / wet process, the film hangers are transported automatically into the drying cabinet. A gentle warm air moves within the dryer cabinet to ensure reliable and even film drying. An operator alarm is activated once the films are ready to be removed.

Services required for operation:
(A) electrical supply (230/400 VAC plus N plus PE) - 8kW
(B) Water supply 25°C, 2-6 bar for film washing
(C) Water supply 8-15°C, 2-6 bar for cooling*
(D) Water drain D40mm
(E) Pressurized air supply (a suitable compressor is supplied with the unit)
(F) Nitrogen
(G) processor exhaust (D100mm)

*...For low developer temperature B/W film processing a chiller unit (optional) is recommended

A suitable wall panel is available as an option from Colenta.

Standard Accs.: (supplied with the machine)

• film hanger assemblies:
- 135 film (5 tracks) - 3 of each
- 120 film (3 tracks) - 1 of each
- 220film (3 tracks) - 1 of each
- sheet film 4x5“ (10 per assembly) - 1 of each
- sheet film 5x7“ (5 per assembly) - 2 of each
- sheet film 8x10“ (2 per assembly) - 1 of each
• air compressor
• Ethernet connection for software care / maintenance
• Level control for all wet tanks
- low level monitoring for chemical tanks (7x)
- low and high level monitoring for wash tanks (2x)
• external chemical supply
- 30L replenishment containers (7x)
- 20L waste containers (2x)

Optional Accs.:
• Water Supply Panel assy
• External 20L chemical waste container including high level monitoring (7x units)
• External chiller unit - especially recommended for long cycle / low developer
temperature on BW processing!
• External 30L replenishment container including low level monitoring (7x units)
• UPS Battery power supply back up system - in case of an external power supply
failure the battery provides enough energy to finish developing the films within the
• 2x40L / 2x80L Mixing Console (see extra documentation) including low level
• additional film hanger assemblies