Colenta: E6/C41 Roller transport film minilab processor


Lead time 4-6 months

Colenta have remained the leader in photographic processing technology for over 40
years, designing and producing processing systems for the many types of film and paper in use and in a range of sizes and speeds to meet the industry requirements.
They have the processor style and size to meet the wide and varied production
needs within the industry. All are fully automatic "dry to dry" developing systems designed for ease of operation and maintenance and produced in compliance to the highest levels of health and safety standards.

Colenta produces a range of C41, E6 and B&W Film Developing systems in 20cm(8in) and 30cm(12in) widths for 3 and 4 track loading of 35/120 camera film, long roll developing and sheet film up to the maximum feed width. The processor can be installed for darkroom or daylight loading.
35/120 Camera and long roll films are simply attached to a film leader and placed onto the multi track loading guide supplied with the processor and inserted, to load sheet film the loading guide is lifted and removed and the sheet placed directly onto the feed table and inserted into the infeed rollers.
All models of Colenta film processor are roller transport systems using a well proven non opposed hard roller system with intermediate water rinse crossovers that transfer film through each stage of development and drying to a delivery point on the top side of the processor.
All processing parameters (Development Time, Temperatures and Replenishment rates) are programmed as required and maintained automatically, a display controller keeps the operator fully informed on the processor status at all times. Easy cleaning procedures, good filtration and algae control will ensure that the film quality is both clean and to the high standard of processing quality.

Technical Specifications:

Microprocessor Control:
• 6 pre-programmable processing cycles
• 1 over night (sleep program) incl "wake-up" feature

All Colenta Film processor options are microprocessor controlled and provide a fully automatic Dry to Dry service for both cut sheet and long roll through a well proven minimum contact hard roller transport system.

• precisely controlled using opto-sensors to measure the area loading.
• activated after a preset film area is fed into the processor

High efficiency drying:
via integrated warm air drying system supporting air knives

All solution temperatures are accurately controlled and monitored with
automatic cold water cooling - chiller systems options are available.

Transport /Drive motor:
precisely controlled by electronic feed-back to ensure consistent developer timing

Standard Accessories:
• Level control for all Processing & Wash tanks
• Rack Carrier/Drip Tray
• 30 litre Replenishment storage tanks
• water supply / drain connectors
• CE marking
• user spare part kit
• Sleep mode (not with C41 process)

Optional Accessories:
• Inbuild Roll feed unit to include into the light tight feed box and long roll feed cradle
with spool bobbins
• Motorised Roll Take-Up
• extra spool bobbins
• UPS battery backup
• chiller unit
• water supply panel
• 2 position chemical mixing console (2x40L / 2x80L)

E6 Processing

• Processing applications: E6 film in roll and sheet format

20 E6 14-9Tank Eco

• Process width: 20cm
• Processing capacity: 14 cm/min @ 6 minutes Dev Time (Dev time is pre

30 E6 23-9Tank Pro

• Process width: 30cm
• Processing capacity: 23cm/min @ 6 minutes Dev Time (Dev time is pre-

Tank capacities:

20 E6 14-9Tank Eco

First Developer: 10.5L
Wash 1: 5.5L
Reversal: 5.5L
Color Developer: 11.5L
Conditioner: 5.5L
Bleach: 11.5L
Fix: 7.0L
Wash 2: 8.0L
STAB: 5.5L

30 E6 23-9Tank Pro (*incl filter)

First Developer: 22L*
Wash1: 10L
Reversal: 10L*
Color Developer: 22L*
Conditioner: 10L*
Bleach: 22L*
Fix: 15.5L*
Wash 2: 15.5L

C41 Processing

• Processing applications: C41 film in roll and sheet format

20 C41 20-6Tank Wash Eco

• Process width: 20cm / 3 tracks of 35mm roll film
• Processing capacity: 20cm/min @ 3min 15sec Dev Time (Dev time is pre-

20 C41 32 RA-6Tank SST Eco

• Process width: 20cm / 3 tracks of 35mm roll film
• Processing capacity: 20cm/min @ 3min 15sec Dev Time (Dev time is pre-

Tank capacities:

20 C41 20-6Tank Wash Eco

Developer: 7.5L
Bleach: 10.5L
Wash 1: 5.5L
Fixer: 10.5L
Wash 2: 7.5L
STAB: 5.5L

20 C41 32 RA-6Tank SST Eco

Developer: 12.0L
Bleach: 6.0L
Fix 1: 6.0L
Fix 2: 6.0L
SST1: 6.0L
SST2: 6.5L