Docter-Wetzlar Apo-Germinar W 240mm F9 Lens in Copal #1 Shutter


• Legendary Docter-Wetzlar Germinar W, the best in its class

• Only produced for a very short period of time in the mid 90's

• Less than 100 lenses made, making this one of the rarest lenses out there

• Utilizing the best available materials and design, this lens is considered the pinnacle of large format lens making, and has never been surpassed

• Covers 8X10 (with room to spare)

• This is a new old stock lens that might have been a demo unit

• Cosmetically, this lens appears to have never been mounted on a lens board, though does show some minor handling sings on the mounting flange

• The lens glass, shutter and barrel are pristine

• Shutter is in good working condition and fires nicely on all speeds

• Includes both original lens caps

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