Colenta: ECO Line Paper Processor 56 and 80 RA4 50 4Tank Wash


4 -6 month lead time

Colenta have remained the leader in photographic processing technology for over 40
years, designing and producing processing systems for the many types of film and paper in use and in a range of sizes and speeds to meet the industry requirements.

They have the processor style and size to meet the wide and varied production
needs within the industry. All are fully automatic "dry to dry" developing systems designed for ease of operation and maintenance and produced in compliance to the highest levels of health and safety standards.

These 2 models provide a lower cost option to those who only require to develop RA4 R.C. media in cut sheet format with no requirement to process long roll material or display film. Ideally for studios offering professional RA4 paper prints.

Models available:

• 56 RA 50 - 4Tank Wash
• 80 RA 50 - 4Tank Wash

Technical Specifications:

Processing applications:

• RA4 Paper - digital & conventional applications.

Process width:

• 56 RA...max. 56 cm (22 inch)
• 80 RA...max. 80 cm (32 inch)

Microprocessor Control:

• with 6 pre programmable processing cycles

Transport Speed (at 45 sec DEV-Time):

• 50cm/min

Tank capacities:

56 RA 50 4T
Developer: 7.5 L
BleachFix: 8L
Wash 1: 8L
Wash 2: 8L

80 RA 50 4T
Developer: 10 L
BleachFix: 10.5 L
Wash 1: 10.5 L
Wash 2: 10.5 L


• controlled by opto-sensors, measuring film area (touchless)
• activated after 0,1 - 0,999m² * film area fed into the processor
• antioxidation/standby replenishment, activated after 0-9 hours*


High / Low level monitoring of the Developer and BleachFix

Work in Progress:

Details the position of the media through the processor.


•Drive motor overload monitoring*
• Security cover lid switch*

* when activated will operate an audible warning and a message alert to confirm the error type.

Accessories included:

• rack carrier drip tray
• CE marking
• small user spare part kit
• 2 x 30 litre replenisher tanks

optional accessories:

• water panel
• 2 position chemical mixing console
• open stand
• low level monitoring for external replenisher containers