Fuji GX680IIIs 6X8 SLR 6X8 film camera + 180mm lens + 2X 120 insert + WLF


• Good working used Fuji GX680III camera kit
• This kit appears to have been used very lightly if at all, with very minor signs of
handling or use
• This camera is used, tested, and working as it should
• All knobs and levers are present and working as they should
• Camera comes with a superb condition Waist Level Finder (we do have a prism
finder in stock, ask us about getting this camera with the prism finder instead)
• Inside of camera and back are functional and clean
• Shutter, mirror and all moving parts are working correctly as they should
• Camera fires nicely on all speeds
• Lens glass is clean with no issues to report
• Includes 2 120 film inserts, lens and body caps