FUJIFILM Fujichrome Astia/T64/Velvia/Provia 120 Color film transparency/slide


• Astia RAP 100F Color slide transparency film exp. 2011

Fujichrome Astia 100F Professional (RAP100F) is an ISO 100 daylight-type color reversal film for professional use. This film boasts smooth and natural skin tone reproduction from the highlights to the shadows and exceptionally fine grain of RMS*granularity 7. These characteristics provide the film with one of the world's highest levels of color fidelity, making it ideal.

• T64 iso 120 size RTP (Tungsten) exp. 2011

T64 Professional has been optimized to yield natural tones and continuous gray balance, for smooth, accurate reproduction of subtle gradation from highlights through shadows under delicate tungsten light.

• Velvia 50 RVP 50 Color Transparency Film exp. 2010

Daylight-Balance Color Transparency Film
ISO 50/18° in E-6/CR-56 Process
Very High Color Saturation and Vibrancy
Fine Grain and High Sharpness
Neutral Gray Balance, Deep Shadow Detail
Push/Pull Processing to -0.5 / +1 Stops

• FUJIFILM Fujichrome Provia 100F Professional RDP-III Color Transparency Film exp. 2005/2009

Daylight-Balance Color Transparency Film
ISO 100/21° in E-6/CR-56/C6R Process
Super-Fine Grain Structure
Vivid and Natural Colors
Rich Tone Reproduction
Push/Pull Processing to -0.5 / +2 Stops
Excellent Reciprocity Characteristics