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Goerz Apo Artar Red Dot 30" (750mm) F12.5 Lens in Alphax Shutter


Latest version of the Apochromat Red Dot Artar lenses.

Made by Goerz, before the company was sold to Schneider.

Glass is mint/pristine.

Magnificent, custom shutter mounting by SK grimes. Includes classic, polished brass barrel and a custom 77mm filter thread adapter on the front (removable).

This lens also includes a custom mounting flange and generic caps.

Conveniently mounted on a Sinar lensboard.

Alphax shutter was recently serviced and works as it should. Custom timing scale and aperture scales are provided, please see detailed photos.

We have lens boards for most cameras in stock. Ask about a different custom mounting if desired, we can custom mount this to any lens board.