Goerz Dagor 10 3/4" [270mm] F6.8 Lens direct fit to Copal #3 shutter (kenro)


• SALE IS FOR CELLS ONLY along with custom engraved aperture scales

• These cells are custom machine to fit directly into a Copal #3 shutter

• Latest coated version of the Dagor (before Goerz was sold to Schneider)

• Branded for Kenro as K2, for their copy/graphic reproduction devices

• Classic, moderately wide-angle of view lens on 8X10 cameras

• One of the largest image circles in this focal length (covers 11X14 at smaller stops, F45 and up)

• Features some of the sharpest glass available

• This lens is used, tested and working as it should

• Cosmetically, this lens shows normal signs of use

• Generally clean glass

• The front element's coating is deteriorated along the edges (will not affect image quality)

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