Graphic-Kowa 150mm F9 Lens in Compur Electronic #1 Shutter (Computar)


• This lens has the desirable 6/4 construction, which allows for the legendary
coverage these lenses are know for
• Despite having the "Kowa" branding, this lens is in fact the same as the Computar
variant, based on its construction
• Massive image circle, nearly covers 8X10 at smaller apertures at infinity
• Exceedingly sharp lens
• Cosmetically, this lens shows normal signs of use and is in overall fair condition
• Electronic shutter is in good working condition and fires nicely on all speeds,
fresh battery installed (common CR123 battery), battery is good for thousands of
• The electronic shutter offers the most accurate timing system of any LF shutter
system, with timed speeds from 1/500th of a second to full 32 seconds of timed
exposure with accuracy that only an electronic shutter can provide
We are happy to re-mount this in a "convetional" copal #1 shutter at no extra cost
• Includes a retaining ring, hard shade and a front cap
• Rear cap not included
• Lens glass is generally clean but does have some minor internal dust
particles/debris - nothing that will impact image quality

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