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Gundlach Radar 12" (305mm) F4.5 Lens in Betax #5 Shutter


This Gundlach Radar shares its design with the Kodak Ektar 12" F4.5 (both produced in the same Rochester factory). Being the fastest lens in its class, it offers amazing speed and critical sharpness. Due to a high density aperture that produces a nearly round pupil, it creates a very soft/smooth out of focus blur (bokeh).

*Despite this lens being marked as max aperture F6.3, this is in fact an F4.5 lens. Pulling the aperture lever all the way will provide F4.5.

This lens provides a "normal" angle of view on 8X10 and is an excellent "do it all" lens (covers 8X10 with modest room for movements).

Very clean glass, with the exception of some minor internal dust particles. No fungus, haze or scratches. Coating is intact on both the front and rear.

Shutter works as it should, speeds sounds good to the ear.

Includes mounting flange and front cap.

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