Hasselblad Imacon 343 Film Scanner with 3 Film Holders, Original Box & Extras


- The 343 is a modern Imacon scanner, and by far the best possible negative scanner available

- Compatible with all current operating systems

- Can scan up to 6X17 negatives and positives

- Can scan up to 6 frames of 35mm, or 3 frames of 6X7 in one pass

- FireWire interface: this machine has a native FireWire connection and is compatible with the latest OS, on both MAC and Windows

- The latest versions of FlexColor scanning software can be downloaded from the Hasselblad website, for free

- There are lots of online resources and support available for these scanners

- Local delivery/installation (greater Boston area) and tutorial service available, please ask


- Hasselblad/Imacon 343 scanner
- 3 original Imacon film holders (35mm, 6X6, 6X7/6X4.5)
- Power supply
- Firewire 400 cable
- Imacon box and complete insert foam (the box and insert are required when you ship the scanner for service)
- Original manual books for scanner and software


- This scanner works as it should and produces great scan results
- Cosmetically, this scanner shows normal signs of handling and appears to have been treated very well
- Mechanically/functionally, this scanner is in good working condition with very low overall use
- Scanner is guaranteed to work as advertised upon arrival