Hasselblad Imacon 343 Film Scanner with 5 Film Holders

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• All returns of this item, regardless of cause, will require a restocking fee of 20%
• The 343 is a modern Imacon scanner compatible with all current operating systems
• Can scan up to 6 frames of 35mm or 3 frames of 6X7 in one pass
• Can scan sizes up to 6X17 negatives
• Scanner is used and has some minor issues (read bellow)
• FireWire interface: this machine has a native FireWire connection and is compatible with the latest OS on both MAC and Windows
• The latest versions of FlexColor scanning software (4.8.12) can be downloaded from the Hasselblad website for FREE
• There are LOTS of online resources and support available for these scanners


• Hasselblad/Imacon 343 scanner
• 5 original Imacon film holders (35mm [vertical + horizontal], 6X6 [X2 frames], 6X7+6X4.5, 6X12, 2X35mmX4 frames)
• Power supply
• FireWire 400/800 cable
• Original dust cover
• Original box and foam inserts
• Additional holders are available upon request at an extra cost.

Scanner Condition:

• This scanner works as it should and produces great results
• Cosmetically, this scanner shows normal signs of use
• Occasionally, the scanner will start the scan pass at a slightly different position than it did in the previous pass - anywhere between 2-5mm off - this means you have to make a scan selection area slightly larger to compensate for this and prevent any cropping - returns based on this issue will not be considered


Please see Hasselblad target chart full size scan detail (max resolution), which was created immediately before this listing.