Hasselblad Imacon 646 Film Scanner


This is by far the best possible negative scanner available.

The 646 is a modern Imacon scanner, compatible with all current operating systems.

Can can up to 5X7 negatives/positives and A4 reflective material (A4 holder is NOT included).

Can scan up to 6 frames of 35mm, or 3 frames of 6X7 in one pass.

FireWire interface, this machine has a native FireWire connection and is compatible with the latest OS, on both MAC and Windows.

The latest versions of FlexColor scanning software can be downloaded from the Hasselblad website, for free.

There are lots of online resources and support available for these scanners.

Local delivery, installation (greater Boston area) and tutorial service available, please ask.


- Hasselblad/Imacon 646 scanner
- 5 original Imacon film holders: 35mmX2, 6X6X2mm, 6X7, 6X9, 4X5 (holders case/folder are included)
- Power supply
- Firewire 400 cable
- Imacon box and complete insert foam (the box and insert are required when you ship the scanner for service)
- Original manual books for scanner and software
- Additional holders are available upon request/at an extra cost.


This scanner works as it should and produces great scan results.
Cosmetically, this scanner shows very minor signs of handling and appears to have been treated very well.
Mechanically/functionally, this scanner is in good working condition with very low overall use.
Most recent service was less than 2000 passes ago, and scanner has a full service period ahead of it before it might require a standard lube and tune.

Please see a Hasselblad target chart full scan, which was just made (in photos).