Hasselblad Imacon Photo film scanner with box and accessories


Fully tested, "Photo" scanner
The Imacon "Photo" is Imacon's compact, medium format scanner
This is a SCSI ONLY scanner, fully compatible with modern Windows PC computers with the included PCI SCSI card (or use your own card or Firewire adapter, not included)
This scanner is supported by Flexcolor 4.0.3 (PC) and 4.0.4 (MAC)
We are happy to help set up and install this scanner on any PC machine, sorry, we cant help you with MAC. Setting this scanner up on in MAC environment, would require using an older, unsupported machine which we know nothing about.
Setting this machine up on a Windows PC, using SCSI is one of the most stable and reliable connection methods available, even compared to modern FW connections.
Scanner is ready to work right out of the box


Imacon "Photo" Scanner
3 Carriers: 35mm vertical/horizontal, 6X6/6X4.5, 6X7/6X4.5
Power Supply
SCSI II (50HD) cable
SCSI PCI card with SCSI II (50HD port)
6 month warranty
Dust cover
Original box and insert, books, paperwork

Local pickup, install and tutorials available.