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Heiland Film Processor TAS


Pre Order: 2 week lead time.

Please specify the type of tank you will be using:

- Jobo (1500/2500)
- HP Combiplan
- Metal/SS tanks
- Paterson
- Custom (let us know)

The Heiland TAS is an alternative film tank processor, with fully programmable agitation regimes. Suitable for continuous or semi-stand processing.

The TAS processor simultaneously turns and tilts the film developing tank and adheres to the necessary phases of standstill.
This creates a movement similar to manual development. Agitation is however controlled much more precisely. Together with the integrated calculator for temperature compensation, your negatives will be developed reproducibly and conveniently in the future. You can directly transfer predetermined parameters for film development; programming only consists of entering the data. Several individual development modes are supported by small external memory modules. If you temporarily do not need the TAS, you can also easily fit it onto a shelf. The device is easily transportable and can even be powered by a car battery.

An overview of the benefits:

Better acutance of the negatives due to a process of agitation, with phases of standstill.
Noticeably cheaper than classic rotational film processors.
Developing tanks already at hand can be used.
Reproducible development results.
Development of 35mm film, roll film, and 4x5” sheet film.
Small footprint.
Supports multiple users due to removable storage.
Ideal for the zone system and two-bath development.
Compensates total development time, depending on programmed temperature.
Transportable – can also be used in campers with 12V supply.
Solid, long-living, metal construction.