Home film developing kit 35mm/120mm + Bergger Developer + Fixer Jobo Lab Kit 1500M


Includes everything you need to develop your 35mm or 120 roll film
Will process up to 2 rolls of 35mm or 120 at a time


• Bergger Superfine Liquid developer (for all BW film)
• Bergger Berfix Neutral Liquid fixer (for all BW film)
• Jobo Unitank 1520 Two reel tank
• 2X Jobo 1501 adjustable film reels
• Jobo precision thermometer
• Jobo 3350 cascade force film washer (for fast archival washing at home)
• 2X 600ml storage bottles
• 1X 260ml measuring graduate
• 1X 20ml measuring graduate
• 2X pair of film hanging clips