Horseman LE 8X10 Monorail Camera with Rodenstock 480mm Lens + Holder


The Horseman LE 8X10 is a geared movement monorail camera, with movements that are only limited by the bellows. A highly versatile and refined camera, the LE is an ideal tool for the studio or in the field.


• Horseman LE 8X10 monorail camera
• Rodenstock Apo Ronar 480mm F9 lens
• 8X10 film holder (used, modern, tested light-tight)

Camera Features:

• Front/rear movement include swing, tilt, geared rise/fall and geared shift
• Features an additional non-geared rise/fall adjustment, for both front and rear frames
• Swing and tilt are only limited by the bellows
• Camera takes standard, easy-to-find Sinar lens boards
• Bail back lever, for easy loading/unloading of film holders
• Ultra-bright, borrosilicate ground glass/fresnel combo
• Back can easily be mounted in vertical or horizontal position

Camera Condition:

• Camera body shows heavy signs of use (scrapes, bumps dings and brassing)
• All knobs and levers lock tightly and work as they should
• Bellows are tested light-tight
• Gridded, ultra-bright replacement fresnel/ground glass combo has a few marks on the matte side
• Bail back lever is tight and works perfectly

Rodenstock Apo Ronar 480mm F9:

• 480mm is is tele/portrait-angle of view lens on 8X10 cameras (similar to an 100mm lens on 35mm cameras)
• Massive coverage, capable of some extreme movements
• Clean glass (no fungus, haze or scratches)
• Modern Copal Shutter works as it should
• Lens is mounted on a Sinar board with an aperture preview tube, which shows the aperture selected at any angle (for ease and convenience)

Ask us about combining this purchase with any of our other large format lenses or film holders.