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Intrepid 8X10 Camera with Schneider 240mm F9 Lens + Holder


Great, lightweight 8X10 camera, paired with an extremely lightweight/compact lens, and a lightweight, wooden holder (makes this is a great backpacking setup).

This unit is tested and guaranteed to work with all film holder types (some early Intrepid cameras have backs which are incompatible with various types of holders).

This is basically a brand new camera, that was mounted on a tripod once. It has never been used or been outdoors.


- Intrepid 8X10 camera
- Schneider G-Claron 240mm F9 in copal press shutter
- One used film holder


- Front: swing, tilt, shift, rise/fall
- Rear: tilt
- Back can be set up for vertical or horizontal position


Camera is brand new (tripod mark on base).
Film holder is a used wooden unit, tested light-tight.
Lens is a moderate, wide-angle of view on 8X10 (similar to a 35mm on 35mm format cameras).
Glass is clean, Copal Press shutter fires nicely on all speeds.
Self-cocking shutter.
Hand marked aperture scale is accurate.

Ask us about combining this purchase with any of our large format lenses or film holders.