Jobo ATL 1000 compact fully automatic film processor (6 month warranty)


• Compact, fully automatic processor
• This machine is fully tested, and all functions work as they should
• Suitable for all photographic processes: C41, E6, BW, RA-4 and others, through pre-programmed modes with user input for push/pull adjustments
• Includes a 2520 tank, 2X 2502 reels (for 35mm/120) 1X 2509 reel (for 4X5 sheet film)
• Includes a hose connection thread adapter, ready to be hooked up using US standard hoses connector
• Max capacity: 5 rolls of 35mm or 6 rolls of 120, 12 sheets of 4X5, 3 sheets of 8X10 (max capacity requires additional tanks/reels which can be purchased separately)
• Cosmetically, this machine shows normal signs of use
• This machine has just been fully serviced, and brought back to original factory spec
• New parts include: New water circulation pump, all new temp sensors, new main rotation motor
• 6 month warranty (parts and labor), from CatLABS

Ask us about combining this machine with any drums or reels.