Jobo ATL 1000 Fully automatic compact Film Processor (220V) complete kit

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***This is a 220V processor - can easily be used in the US with native 110V mains power when conected through a universal set up transformer (CatLABS can supply this unit for 75$, or buyer can get their own)
Cosmetically, this is one of the cleanest ATL1000 machines we have seen in recent times - exceptionally clean inside and out
Fully tested - all functions work as they should - 6 Month warranty (parts/labor) by CatLABS

About the ATL1000:

• Fully automatic compact film processor
• User adjustable process with up to +/- 25% adjustability for each of the
processing programs
• This machine is suitable for all types of film processing such as C-41, E6, RA-4,
Pyro, All BW, and alternative process types
• The machine comes preprogrammed with popular C41, E6, RA-4 and BW
processing sequences with various "push and pull" options for each type of
• All processing setups can be adjusted and programmed to suite your custom
needs, as well as intermediate wash stages
• Max capacity: up to 5X35mm, 6X120, 12X 4X5, 3X 8X10 (requires additional
tanks and reels than those included with the machine)
• Includes a complementary 2 reel tank (2520) with two used 2502 reels and one
2509n reel (for 4X5)

Ask us about combining this machine with any drums or reels.