Jobo ATL 1000 Processor


This is a rare, compact, highly sought-after automatic processor. This machine is used, tested, working as it should and carries a 6 month warranty (parts and labor).


• Jobo ATL1000 processor (120V 50/60Hz)
• Plumbing hose
• 2520 tank
• 2509 reel (for up to 6 sheets of 4X5 film)
• Two 2502 reels (for 35/120 roll film, not seen in photos)
• 6 month warranty (parts and labor)


• Fully automatic
• Very small footprint (21" X 22")
• Processes any photographic material
• Pre-programmed channels for the most popular processing types (C-41, E-6, BW, RA-4 and more)
• All settings are user controlled, with +/- 25% settings and pre-programmed push options on color cycles
• 120V machine (use directly with any US power source)
• Fully automatic cleaning
• No need for hot water inlet, 40 minutes (or less) warm up time from cold water start, for any process type (shorter for BW or low temp. processing)


• This machine is in good working condition
• All components are tested and have been adjusted to factory spec. where needed
• The external housing and lid are stained
• Inside, this machine is generally clean, with some normal staining or residue throughout
• Main drive motor is running strong (tested under load)
• Temp. control is accurate and working as it should
• Circulation pump is brand new

Max. Capacity:

• Max. 6 rolls of 120, 3 rolls of 220 or 5 rolls of 35mm (requires a 2550 tank and additional 2502 reels)
• Max. 12 sheets of 4X5 (requires a 2550 tank and an additional 2509 reel)
• Max. 3 sheets of 8X10 with the CL81 (not included, see our other items)

Additional reels/tanks are needed to reach max capacity. See our other items or ask about adding additional tanks or reels to this unit.