Jobo ATL2 Fully Automatic programmable film processor (6 month warranty)


• Fully automatic, fully programmable film and print processor, fully automatic
chemical reclamation
• Compatible with all Jobo tanks and drums, including Expert drums
• Lift fully serviced with new retainer clips, gears and lubrication
• This machine is fully tested, all machine functions were load tested and work as
they should
• Includes 6 USED 1000ml bottles and 4 260ml beakers
• The ideal film and print processor, suitable for all types of film processing such as C-
41, E6, RA-4, Pyro, All BW and alternative process types for both film and print
• Externally, this machine shows heavy signs of use, with some staining, hard water
deposits, dings and scrapes
• This machine is backed 6 month warranty (parts and labor) from CatLABS