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Jobo CPP2 processor with new style lift (#4)


This CPP2 has recently been fully refurbished by KDS, the certified Jobo service center in Germany.

Most electronic components were replaced or adjusted.

This is a 2nd generation machine with an upgraded motor, which can be used with expert drums. It is not a 3rd generation machine, which is the latest version.

Externally, the main trough and upper tray and lift housing are stained.

Internally, the machine is in excellent working condition.

The whole machine carries a 6 month warranty.

- Tested, calibrated, adjusted and brought back to factory spec
- 2nd generation motor and boards
- Pump motor replaced
- Main drive motor is running strong, tested under load
- Temp. control is accurate
- Lift is in "ugly" condition, but is working as it should
- Lift includes brand new easy running rollers (not seen in photos)
- Includes 6 used 1000ml bottles
- 6 months warranty (parts and labor) from CatLABS

Ask us about combining this machine with any drums or reels.