Kodak Pakon F-135+(plus) / Kodak Pakon F-135 film scanner with power supply


Kodak Pakon Nexlab F-135+ (plus) with laptop and power supply

• Scanner is fully tested, complete with a working laptop running Win XP and PSI
software installed - ready to use out of the box
• Scanner has had both DX and film position sensors bypassed - so no DX code
reading is possible, does not impact scan quality or functionality, manual frame
numbering will be done by the PSI software
• In some cases, scans have a faint line across them in the direction of the scan,
similar to a dust spec on the sensor - we have not been able to identify the cause,
sensor and gate have all been cleaned and have no dust. This does not happen all
the time but it does from time to time.
• Due to this issue, this scanner is being sold AS IS with no returns. This might be a
simple fix for someone who knows how to work on these machines or you might not
even notice it or work around it
• Returns based on the above described issue will not be considered