Leica CL 35mm camera with 40mm F1.4 Nokton lens *FULL CLA (TAMARKIN 03/2021)*


Leica CL Body:

• Leica CL body fully serviced by Tamarkin Leica Chicago March 2021
• Full service, cleaning, adjustment and lubrication
• Meter is fully functional, tested, calibrated and working as it should (fresh battery
• Rangefinder calibrated and adjusted, RF patch is good
• Serial number dates back to 1974 (the second, much improved production run)
• This is a USER camera, not a collector piece - if you are looking for that mint CL
camera - this is NOT it
• This camera is used, tested and working as it should
• All functions are tested and work as they should
• Shutter is in good working condition and fires nicely on all speeds with both curtains
in good condition
• Cosmetically, this camera shows normal signs of use with some scrapes, dings,
nicks brassing etc.
• Finder is clean and clear with good frame lines, meter needle and speed indicator
• Rangefinder patch is sharp, bright and with good contrast
• Rangefinder is fully aligned and is spot on

Voiglander Nokton Classic 40mm F1.4:

• Compact and light, highly regarded lens
• Lens glass is exceptionally clean with no fungus, haze or scratches
• Focus and aperture move smoothly
• Incredible quality optics