Leica M5 35mm camera with Leitz Elmar 50mm F2.8 lens CLA 2022 (NO METER)


• This M5 camera has been fully serviced, shutter springs, curtains and brakes
• Rangefinder calibrated
• Shutter and advance work as they should
• METER IS NOT WORKING - Non serviceable - returns based on the meter not
working will not be considered. If you are looking for an M5 with a working meter,
this is not it
• Overall camera shows normal/heavy sings of use with nice patina
• Lens glass is clean, with no fungus, haze or scratches though does show some
minor internal artifacts/dust which do not affect image quality
• We have many other M mount lenses in stock - see our other listings or send us a
• Focus and aperture work as they should