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Linhof Super Technika IV 4X5 Field Camera with 135mm + 210mm Lenses + Holders


The Linhof Technika IV is a fully featured, all metal camera, with an extra long bellows draw and a very stable/rigid platform. This camera is coupled with a useful built-in rangefinder (cam for the 135mm lens is included).


- Linhof Super Technika 4X5 IV field camera
- Schneider Symmar 135mm F5.6 lens
- Schneider Symmar 210mm F5.6 lens
- 3 4X5 film holders (used, modern, tested light-tight)

Camera Features:

- Front movements include shift, tilt, swing and geared rise
- Rear movements include tilt and swing
- Camera uses common, easy-to-find, Technika-style lens boards
- Rotating back
- Built-in viewing hood (hood fabric is ripped/torn, but still usable)
- Fresnel/ground glass combo
- Built-in rangefinder (includes a cam for use with the 135mm lens)

Camera Condition:

This is a used, good working condition Linhof 4X5 camera.
Cosmetically, this camera is in good shape with normal signs of use.
One section of the leatherette is missing.
Bellows are brand new.
All camera movements, knobs, gears and latches are in good working condition.
Graflock/spring back is tight and works perfectly.

Schneider Symmar 135mm F5.6:

- 135mm is a moderately wide/normal-angle of view lens on 4X5 cameras (similar to a 40mm lens on 35mm cameras)
- Clean glass
- Shutter fires nicely on all speeds

Schneider Symmar 210mm F5.6:

- 210mm is a tele/portrait-angle of view lens on 4X5 cameras (similar to an 85mm lens on 35mm cameras)
- Clean glass
- Shutter fires nicely on all speeds

Ask us about combining this purchase with any of our other large format lenses or film holders.