Linhof Super Technika IV 4X5 Field Camera with 135mm + 210mm Lenses + Holders


The Linhof Technika IV is a fully featured, all metal camera, with an extra long bellows draw and a very stable/rigid platform. This camera is coupled with a useful built-in rangefinder (cam for the 135mm lens is included).


• Linhof Super Technika 4X5 IV field camera
• Schneider Symmar 135mm F5.6 lens
• Schneider Symmar 210mm F5.6 lens
• 3 4X5 film holders (used, modern, tested light-tight)

Camera Features:

• Front movements include shift, tilt, swing and geared rise
• Rear movements include tilt and swing
• Camera uses common, easy-to-find, Technika-style lens boards
• Rotating back
• Built-in viewing hood (hood fabric is ripped/torn, but still usable)
• Fresnel/ground glass combo
• Built-in rangefinder (includes a cam for use with the 135mm lens)

Camera Condition:

• This is a used, good working condition Linhof 4X5 camera
• Cosmetically, this camera is in good shape with normal signs of use
• One section of the leatherette is missing
• Bellows are brand new
• All camera movements, knobs, gears and latches are in good working condition
• Graflock/spring back is tight and works perfectly

Schneider Symmar 135mm F5.6:

• 135mm is a moderately wide/normal-angle of view lens on 4X5 cameras (similar to a 40mm lens on 35mm cameras)
• Clean glass
• Shutter fires nicely on all speeds

Schneider Symmar 210mm F5.6:

• 210mm is a tele/portrait-angle of view lens on 4X5 cameras (similar to an 85mm lens on 35mm cameras)
• Clean glass
• Shutter fires nicely on all speeds

Ask us about combining this purchase with any of our other large format lenses or film holders.