Mamiya M645 6X4.5 medium format camera + Metered prism + 70mm F2.8 C LF lens


• Includes 120 film insert
• This camera is used, tested, and working as it should
• Cosmetically, this camera shows normal signs of handling
• Lens glass is clean, with no fungus, haze or scratches (minor blasam failure along
1-2mm of edges - does not impact image quality in any way)
• All levers, buttons, and controls are present and working as they should
• Camera body shutter works as it should
• Fresh battery installed
• Prism meter works as it should
• New light seals in back/door
• Auxiliary lens shutter speeds are not consistent - this does not impact use of the
camera in any way - the lens leaf shutter is overridden when set to the F position on
the lens