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Minolta X-370 35mm Camera with MC Rokkor PF 58mm F1.4 Lens


The ultimate "modern" Minolta SLR film camera.

This kit blows away any K1000, AE-1, A-1, F-1 or the likes. It is smaller, lighter, more reliable and easier to use.

This cameras extremely simple, elegant design and ergonomics offer an easy-to-use platform.

Use full manual control or auto/program setting (time priority).

The shutter is electronically controlled and the blades are made of composite material, making this one of the most reliable cameras available.

Normal/light signs of use, as you would expect from a used camera.

This kit is coupled with a superb lens, one of Minolta's best ever: the MC Rokkor PF 58mm F1.4.

The lens glass is clean and the lens performs wonderfully.

The filter rim is dented and the lens will not accept filters.

Fresh batteries installed.

All functions tested and working.

Includes a funky 80's strap.