*NEW* Intrepid 4X5 MK-IV Camera BODY ONLY


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• Brand new in box

• Now in its 4th generation, the Intrepid 4x5 is a modern rethink of the traditional
large format field camera. Whilst being super lightweight (at 1.2kg), and fast to set
up, it is also incredibly hardwearing and reliable, producing great results no matter
the conditions. The aluminum base, rear focus and linear guides are features
usually only seen in high end cameras, and allow for consistent pin-sharp focus
and increased stability even with the heaviest lenses.

• The 4x5 MK4 is the perfect companion for any situation but it really thrives when
it’s put through its paces out and about. Versatility is key with every aspect, and
whilst being able to shoot all 4x5 sheet film you can also shoot wet plate (collodion),
instant film, and 120 roll film thanks to the Graflok clips on the rear standard.

• Bellows come in 2 colors (Blue, Green) ; check pull down menu for color
selection options